I'm Daniel Viklund.

Developer by day, Father & Husband as much as I can!

I'm a Software Developer, based in Hong Kong, specialising in retail and supply chain solutions.

I divide my time between Happy Rabbit, a tech-focused service provider for fashion companies, and Fabriqo, our initiative for open sourcing product data.

When I'm not working, I exercise (I wish), study new things (definitely not on Twitter), and spend time with my kids (this is true!)

Projects I'm involved in

Happy Rabbit

A Fashion Tech company based in Hong Kong, offering Quality Assurance and Virtual Buying Office services.

Fabriqo Organisation

An initiative on how to collaborate around Product Data and how it should be described in the digital world.

DePalma Workwear

A workwear brand that makes stylish workwear for professionals and home carpenters.

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